Elizabeth Robinette Tyndall


Specializing in Landscape Paintings, Boat and Beach Scenes, Home Decor Art, Floral Paintings, Beautiful Throw Pillows, Unique Notecards, Gifts and more!


Elizabeth has always had a love for nature and an eye for art. She is passionate about creating and as an Artist she enjoys painting beautiful landscapes, ocean scenes, beach and boat art, floral designs, whimsical paintings, fun pet portraits, home decor art, and more!

She has always enjoyed camping and finds peace and whitespace when surrounded by the beauty of nature. Many of her paintings are of trips to the mountains, forests or tucked away beaches. She also loves words and enjoys creating pieces combined with art that help encourage, inspire and uplift others.

She also enjoys reading books and has a love for writing and journaling. Writing, she feels is "so good for the soul." She feels the same way when she paints.

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She's also one of the Whale Tail Artists of the NEW California License Plate!!

As a Mom of two wonderful children, she is so blessed and inspired daily by the beauty that is all around her. During this journey of motherhood, her children have taught her to see art differently, with a simpler eye. To cherish everyday, every moment and every season in life that we may be going through. To truly see art in the everyday.

Private collections of her work may be found across the country; in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Connecticut, Colorado, South Australia, Alabama, Texas, Florida and throughout California.
The watermark "Fine Art America" will not be displayed on the art when purchased.

Elizabeth is so thankful for those of you that have supported and purchased her art! She loves to create and her biggest joy is to have a piece of her art in your home, so thank you for supporting her art!

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